Last year, our trip to Ixmiquilpan, Mexico was another amazing experience.  It was the first time Melissa and I had led such a large team but the end result was a wonderful experience of evangelism, worship and fellowship.

Our 2013 trip is fast approaching and I am so excited!  This year is going to be a truly special trip for a number of reasons.  First I believe God has given Melissa and I both new levels of spiritual direction as well as started to unfold his plan for us in global missions.  Last year in Mexico a pastor prophesied over our lives in the area of missions and God has started leading our steps into that very direction.  Melissa and I both fully believe that this year in Mexico we will see new levels of prophecy, both from our own ministry and from our team.

Another reason I am so excited for this trip is that we are taking Olivia with us!  I have always looked forward to the day when our family ministers as a complete team in missions and this is our first exciting step!  I am truly not sure who is more excited, me or Olivia!

This year, Melissa and I have really felt God leading our team to increase our evangelism and outreach in Mexico.  We always have a great time of reaching out to our brothers there, and this year we plan to expand this to some powerful street ministry and prayer.  We expect to have one of our largest teams ever going, with members from all age groups, and we are excited for what God will do there!

Please consider praying for us during this time and giving financially into our trip.